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President and CEO of Design Management Company, Lloyd Princeton is an entrepreneur whose name rings synonymously with enthusiasm, energy and innovation. His quick-witted spirit and dedication to his clients has helped interior designers nationwide achieve their goals. He is a renowned business consultant and motivational speaker who deals with issues pertinent to the interior design industry.

Design Management Company, the New York-based consulting firm founded in 1999, has a proven record of success in helping designer professionals with their business requirements, ranging from negotiating rates and structuring contracts, to entire marketing plans. Most people come to Lloyd for advice on targeting ideal clients, focusing efforts and time management, as well as input on maximizing fees. Along with his ample knowledge in finance and design, Lloyd’s experience with the American Society of Interior Designers has enhanced his understanding of his client’s unique needs in growing their business.

With a rapidly growing clientele, Lloyd opened up a second office in Los Angeles. In addition to his consultations and speaking engagements, he has made DMC a one-stop shop by offering integrated marketing communication services. Now his clients can receive everything they need for their business to be successful—marketing, promotions, media relations, graphic design and web development. Whatever one’s particular needs and circumstances are, it is likely that Lloyd and his intricate team will be able to help achieve greater satisfaction and profitability.

When he is not in the office, Lloyd is touring the US at major design centers. He has lectured for Kravet, Ann Sacks, and Ralph Lauren. Lloyd has been profile in articles in Nuvo, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Beverly Hills Courier. He has also appeared on television for the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition. His own articles can be found in national and regional trade publications, as well as on his website. Lloyd is currently on the Editorial Advisory Board for Kitchen & Business Magazine and is an Industry Partner of the American Society of Interior Designers.


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